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Honoring the Top Peer Reviewers for 2019

Major News: The world’s top peer reviewers for 2019 have been announced!

We're privileged to honor the experts who work tirelessly to protect and enhance research through peer review. It's thanks to your dedication and persistence in maintaining sound research that we continue to expand the sphere of human knowledge.

You truly are the #SentinelsofScience and research!

Sentinel /sentin(ə)l/ Noun: A soldier or guard whose job it is to stand and keep watch.

See the Awards recipients:

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2019 results detailed

The Global Peer Review Awards, powered by Pubons are the only cross-publisher awards that celebrate the efforts of peer reviewers worldwide. This year, over 4,600 experts across 101 countries and 2,331 institutions were honored as world class reviewers and editors. They contributed 264,391 reviews across 8,949 journals during the 2018-19 Awards year, which represents an estimated time of over 1,32 millions hours* spent reviewing!

The research areas with the most Awards recipients are the Cross-field category (combining reviewers in the Multidisciplinary ESI research area and reviewers who performed multiple reviews across different ESI research areas - 3,084 recipients) followed by Clinical Medicine (664 recipients) and Engineering (531).

*calculated using the median hours spent per review from Publons Global State of Peer Review Report

Peer Review Quality

This year’s Peer Review Week theme is #QualityInPeerReview, a good occasion to put the spotlight on our Awards category “Excellent Reviewers”, which is dedicated to the experts who go above and beyond with their outstanding reviewing contributions, as rated by journal editors on Publons. Thanks to their comprehensive, timely and informative reviews, they help to ensure the highest quality research is communicated to the world faster. Publons excellent review rating scheme takes into consideration: clarity, thoroughness, helpfulness and timeliness. You can read more about it on our blog here, and in our FAQs.

At Publons, we also believe that peer review training is key to improving the quality of peer review. Our Global State of Peer Review Report showed that 39% of reviewers never received any training, although 88% of them believe that training is important for ensuring high quality peer review.
The Publons Academy is a free and online peer review training course for early career-researchers, developed together with expert academics and editors, to teach you the core competencies of peer reviewing.

57 recipients of the 2019 Global Peer Review Awards - including 3 out of 10 recipients of the “Excellent Reviewers” Award - are Publons Academy Graduates!

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What it means to be a Global Peer Review Award recipient

Being named a Top Peer Reviewer in the Global Peer Review Awards means that your peer review contributions over the past year rank in the top 1% globally, by number of verified pre-publication reviews performed for journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection - a curated collection of high-quality scholarly journals expertly selected for their editorial rigor, and published worldwide in over 250 science, social sciences, and humanities disciplines.

This designation represents an elite class of peer review experts who are regularly relied upon by editors at high-quality journals to assess the quality and impact of research in their field.

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